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Do you know that before sending the manuscript to a publisher, you have to rework the book first? Yes! A revision of the manuscript is required! Indeed, one must first have his manuscript re-read to obtain constructive criticism from the reviewer. It should be noted that a good manuscript, which may be of interest to a publishing house, must meet a certain number of selection criteria, such as a good catch, an interesting subject or a plot that keeps readers in suspense, or characters endearing.

For this, professional proofreaders and proofreading experts can be used. For those who embark on self-publishing, who will be responsible for the publication of their book, it is important that they are objective enough to make an objective critique of their book.

It’s when the story or the content has been completely successful that you have to move on to the next step, which is to get a publishing house interested.

The steps to follow to publish your book with us


Following the validation of the publication contract, the editorial team is responsible for the layout of the manuscript so that the book is more pleasant to read.

The deposit of the manuscript.

This consists of sending us your manuscript, which gives itself the prerogative to accept it or not, according to its selection criteria and its editorial line.

The realization of the cover.

Having good coverage is one of the keys to the success of a book, hence the interest of consulting professional graphic designers. We realize this important stage with the author and a professional team.

Model and finalization.

A preview of the book will be sent to the author. This will allow him to see if the model fits or not his expectations or if it is necessary to make changes.

Legal Deposit

The legal deposit allows to obtain 2 ISBN numbers for the paper version and for the digital version. Thus, the book will be officially published and can be distributed. A copy will be deposited at the National Library of Canada and the United Kingdom.


The sale worldwide

The sale, which can be done online or through a bookstore, allows the reader to obtain the printed or digital book. The book will be published in 2 to 4 minimum languages.



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