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Pinel Publishing House is world event. find here all the Authors, brands, labels events from all over the world.


Because of the Corona Virus some events may be and will be postponed or cancel ! All the events in March and April are canceled. We’re deeply sorry about this inconveniences. We’ll keep you inform every days of the situations.



Sam Soon in St Louis !

Kim Sam Soon will be in dedicace at the librairy of Saint Louis the 20 of Novembre 2021 at 9am to 6pm

Marino bikini website!

The website Marino Bikini going to be release in 2020.

Kim Sam Soon in RTL 2 !

The author Kim Sam Soon will be in the French Radio RTL  TV.

Date Coming Soon

Sam Soon in St Louis

The author Kim Sam Soon will be at the supermarket leclerc saint louis at 9am tp 18pm

Date  leclerc saint louis  december 18 at 9am tp 18pm

Mai 2022

Sam Soon New Book !

The author Kim Sam Soon announce the release of his book Persephone tome 2. The details is not set up but its coming soon.

AL Store in London !

Aurianna London going to release the date of the new shop opening in London. A Big fashion store in London .

Jean Thomas Viti !

The website Jean Thomas Viti going to be release in 2022.

See the new video !

Go to see the new Aurianna London New videos in Facebook.

Events in 2020

Authors 100%
Brands 62%
Labels 49%
Special editions 68%

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